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Headquartered in Blackstone, Virginia, USA, SCCI Global is a pioneer construction firm specializing in innovative construction technologies for the global market. As a proven leader in the industry, SCCI Global is proud to offer the finest components and most efficient construction solutions to the world market.


Our US operation, Structural Concepts and Components, Inc. (SCCI) was established in 1999 to meet the needs of one of the fastest growing construction technologies -- light gauge steel (LGS). As wood products have become less desirable all over the world due to availability, sustainability, and environmental preservation, LGS has emerged as the preferred alternative.


With the world actively working toward a cleaner global environment, other green technologies such as insulated concrete forms (ICF) have rapidly evolved in both efficiency and cost-effectiveness, providing more solutions to the international market for newer and greener building technologies.


Today, LGS concepts are leading the way among green technologies, and SCCI Global is proud to be introducing LGS to construction sites across the world. Combined with the structural and insulation advantages of ICF, SCCI Global offers the most cost effective and eco-friendly building systems on the market today.


SCCI Global continues to promote innovative solutions for the most extensive range of construction applications, including multi-story residential buildings, mass housing projects, developing world housing, schools, commercial facilities and industrial buildings. We are committed to providing structural innovation to the global market, wherever the demand for such technologies may take us.

Introducing innovative solutions to the people who demand them.

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