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Whether you are building an entire housing complex or multi-story hotels, SCCI Global offers the most efficient solutions for virtually any project budget.

Our technologies are increasingly preferred where builders desire a streamlined manufacturing setup, expert project management, faster assembly, and lower construction costs. All this while preserving high material quality, consistent production control, and reliable technology.

SCCI Global offers services in Manufacturing, Project Management, and LGS / ICF Framing Solutions.

Flexible capabilities to meet global demand.

SCCI Global prides itself for providing some of the most innovative and reliable construction technologies on the global market, with a  manufacturing capability that stretches worldwide.


We provide manufacturing expertise, technology and equipment to builders and developers all over the world, especially in regions where geographic  features make shipping materials across land expensive or difficult.

SCCI Global can set up an LGS factory with one or more rollformers to manufacture steel framing components and entire modular units.  We can also set up ICF factories so you can not only manufacture the ICF for your own building, but you can also produce ICF to sell to other builders.

Having your own manufacturing plant eliminates the need to order components and have them shipped to your site. With a local LGS or ICF factory, you produce all the components you need for your structure faster. Once components are produced, they are instantly available to assemble your framing system.

Our factories are also mobile. After all the manufacturing has been completed for your project, you can pack up the LGS or ICF plant and move it to another project. You also have the option to produce materials to sell to other project developers, thus making your plant a profitable source in your region for material production.

SCCI Global delivers a "factory in a box" package that makes it quick and simple to establish a local LGS or ICF plant. Our goal is to offer you the fastest track to project completion, production efficiency, and faster return on investment.

The fastest transition from production to assembly.
Let the experts handle the project management side. 

Project Management
If you are looking for someone else to manage the construction of your building system, look no further than SCCI Global. Not only do we provide innovative construction technologies and solutions, but we also provide the expertise to manage on-site material processing and production, assembly, and installation.


SCCI Global will plan, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects. These include large-scale projects like multi-story residential buildings and mass housing projects in developing countries, as well as schools, commercial facilities, and industrial buildings.


We can help you determine the most cost-effective schedule to complete your construction system, including the setup of mobile LGS and/or ICF factories. SCCI Global will assemble an experienced management team to monitor your project schedule and supervise progress through to completion.


The flexibility of our construction technologies also allows us to ensure that every building system meets local or regional building codes and regulations.

Whatever the geography of your building system, SCCI Global can help you get it off the ground faster so you can make a faster return on your investment. We provide cost-effective solutions so your investment capital is put to the best use, to achieve the best results. 

Innovation and synergy can be found in one place.

LGS and ICF Solutions
SCCI specializes in innovative construction technologies that deliver sustainability and efficiency to building systems around the world. We offer two prime framing materials that represent these attributes best: LGS and ICF.


Individually, each of these materials provide advantages in durability, performance, production rates, and cost-effectiveness. For the builder looking to save time and construction cost, the choice to use either LGS, ICF or both in a building system is the ultimate time and money-saving solution.


The synergy of these two materials combined produces the ultimate sustainable structure, while utilizing the most efficient methods to complete construction faster. And when construction is finished faster, investment returns happen sooner.


LGS and ICF products require less labor to build, which means project developers save even more capital. Because these materials are simple to manufacture and assemble onsite, it makes training quick and easy so workers can begin constructing your system as soon as possible.

Thanks to the integrated technology of our  MC-X Series™ rollformers,  assembly is further streamlined with LGS components that are cut, punched, swedged, and marked ahead of time.

For ICF, mini-plants can be quickly set up to begin rapidly producing the forms for your building system. After production, workers simply have to stack and fasten the forms to construct an insulated framing system for your project.

If you are looking to save time and money on construction, while achieving faster investment returns and superior results, then build with innovative construction technologies like LGS and ICF. Achieve structural innovation. 

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