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A fusion of market forces to deliver innovation worldwide.

SCCI Global adds over 30 years experience in the areas of design; manufacturing; fabrication; project management; delivery; installation and training. This effective combination of cutting-edge rollforming technology and longtime expertise delivers a successful concept to completion package.


FUSE™ is designed to give first-time clients -- whether project owners or start-up framing companies -- a faster, more direct track to project completion, investment return, and profitability. 

SCCI Global offers steel framing manufacturers a complete business platform for success and provides the capability to manufacture steel framed structures anywhere in the world, onsite or off.

The MC-X Series™ rollformers rapidly produce 24- to 16-gauge (0.027 to 0.066 in/0.6 to 1.5 mm) steel studs, joists, and trusses fora  wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. The MC-X2 rollformer gives the option of any two of our five profile sizes in order to customize the machine for the conditions of a specific regional market.


For expanded production options, the MC-X5 manufactures five 'C' stud, five 'C' track, and five 'U' track profiles. It also provides a quick and easy changeover between profiles. 

Cut time, cut cost...without cutting quality.
Minimizing costs and maximizing returns.

Designed for the requirements of the global market, the FUSE™ system can switch between 12 languages to make operation possible worldwide.   It provides a mobile "factory in a box" package that minimizes setup and lets the developer begin manufacturing LGS framing systems sooner.


Every manufacturing order can be scheduled and downloaded to the rollformer; production can be tracked in real time, and reports can be generated for instant review. Our rollformers then manufacture every truss, joist and wall panel batch in the optimal order for assembly.


The simplicity of setup and operation eliminates the need for a highly skilled and expensive workforce. Workers can be quickly trained to  operate the rollformer and assemble the components to build LGS framed structures.


Every component is produced ready for assembly. Each part is cut to length, pre-punched with index or service holes, swedged, dimpled, and notched. A parts identifier is printed directly on each component by an inkjet printer to assist in rapid assembly.


And assembly crews do not need expensive jib tables and meticulous measurements. Workers simply use the index holes punched into each part to align the components for trusses. With swedged components, wall panels can be quickly put together, since each member fits right inside another.


For the most efficient and comprehensive LGS framing system, look to SCCI Global. Choose our innovative rollforming technology to rapidly manufacture and assemble high quality LGS buildings. 

Rollforming Technology

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